Welcome to rpy2-arrow’s documentation!


Releases are available on pypi, and can be installed with pip:

pip install rpy2-arrow

To install the development version with pip:

pip install -e git://github.com/rpy2/rpy2-arrow.git@main#egg=rpy2_arrow

The package allows the sharing of Apache Arrow data structures (Array, ChunkedArray, Field, RecordBatch, RecordBatchReader, Table, Schema) between Python and R within the same process. The underlying C/C++ pointer is shared, meaning potentially large gain in performance compared to regular arrays or data frames shared between Python and R through the conversion rules included in rpy2. When used with a test pandas.DataFrame with half a million rows, making that data availble to R was measured to be 200 times faster with the use of Arrow (see Conversion).


The R package arrow >= 12.0.0 is required to avoid segfault as exiting Python.

The latest released version of the R package can be installed in R with:



If using polars, how to use conversion rules for it are in section polars.

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